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It’s been a little while. Okay, a long while. Life has taken some detours. Meniere’s Disease tends to do that.

This blog was supposed to be about food and low sodium, but it’s taken me to other blogs and stories about people who have this pain in the ass disease.

So, our most recent adventures included gentamicin injections, his balance being off (for good, possibly?), and a second injection later this week. Have any of you had this done? We went a whole two weeks with only mild vertigo and then one severe attack that was the deciding factor for the second injection.  My husband likes to say that normal is over, but we’ll take normal-ish and there have been some normal-ish days.

We have been side-lined so often and forced to cancel plans because of a vertigo attack, or decline invitations that involve something loud. Strange way to navigate your social life, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Yesterday, by some miracle, we were able to sneak away to our favorite pizza spot and celebrate 23 years of marriage at the only restaurant I know won’t make him sick for days. They know his issue and go above and beyond to make eating there comfortable. We always get a quiet spot that won’t make him insane with hyper-acusis torture. So there’s a little living to be done, and you just have to find a way to do it.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Life isn’t what I expected, but it’s a good life even with all the changes I’ve had to make. I simply changed my expectations.
    I haven’t had the gent injections but I almost did. However, I’m bilateral and they don’t want to do both ears. How would they know which one is causing most of my problems, since I’m deaf now, I can’t tell.
    I was told it’s a chemical labyrinthectomy…I think I spelled that wrong. However, it can take more than one injection. He should have vestibular rehabilitation therapy to help with his balance issues. It even helped me have less vertigo.
    Good luck. I hope it helps.


    1. Natasha says:

      He’ll probably need the three they recommend. It’s no fun. Strange trade off to have bad balance vs vertigo. I think your right about it being like a labyrinthectomy but it’s not permanent? Or at least, I didn’t think it was? I can’t imagine having it in both ears because your options are so limited. One promising thing we learned during his last visit was that they are beginning human trials for cochlear hair implants and the time line to have them available is 5 years. That seems pretty exciting because it can take away from of the hyperacusis and ringing.


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