Rubbing salt in the wound

So, sorry this isn’t quite a food post. We have had plenty of great low sodium meals. Mad props to Panera for narrowing down a a few clean and low sodium menu items.


To put it plainly, Meniere’s Disease is being an asshat. I suppose my husband is in a new stage of this game. I have stopped looking up stages and what to expect. All horribly depressing.

It’s terrible enough to see him go through it. Even worse when you’re aware that he’s losing his hearing and his only passion in life is to write music.

Low sodium is doing very little right now. We can’t eat any lower..any cleaner. He’s cut back EVEN more and he was super low to begin with.

We have an appointment with his ENT. I am going because I have questions. My husband has said in the past that this doctor does not seem to care much, but he’s one of only two otoneurologists in our city, and the other does not accept insurance because he wants to be a doctor the the stars. Whatever.

If you have this, what has worked for you? Have you tried antivirals? What is the dosage of valium you take and do you take it with dramamine?

Has anyone had tubes placed in their ears?

We are certainly at the “try new things” stage. Something has to help.


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  1. Wendy says:

    I’m in the late stages, past hearing loss, but I still have vertigo. I’m “complicated”.
    I’ve been doing better the past few months after vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
    I’ve tried a lot.
    My Dr at Duke was appalled that another dr had put tube in my ears. He said it has been proven it doesn’t work.
    I take Valium 5mg, as needed with Phenergan 25mg. I also have Phenergan injections, but I get those from my migraine dr, they work pretty good for the vomiting.
    I’ve had the Endolymphatic Sac Decompression surgery on both ears. Both helped with the vertigo, but it came back. I do know others who had better luck.
    There are many things people try. Some I can see where you might think it would work, others confuse me.
    Oh, antivirals I tried, but not long. Didn’t help.
    I hope his dr gets better. They are hard to find in this field.
    An otologist is also a good choice for this. He just studies the ear.
    Good luck.
    You guys aren’t alone in this.


    1. Natasha says:

      I’m so sorry your situation is so rough. I know how hard this can be. Thanks for sharing what has/has not worked for you and good tip on the otologist. I may look into that!

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