I have no excuse for not being here

I have lots of questions today.

What has worked best for your meniere’s disease?

Have any of you tried sweating as opposed to water pills?

Are any of you musicians?

Has a low sodium diet made you lose a lot of weight?

Are you male/female and how old are you?

I’m asking these to anyone who is willing to answer. My husband is a musician in his 40’s and we can distinctly remember the moment of his first ear closing and siren ringing experience. We have been told that it’s a coincidence, but I say no. He was using a pressure washer and forgot his ear protection. His vision immediately blurred and his ears started to feel full. He had three days of vertigo

I know more research needs to be done, but it’s alarming to see how many musicians have it. So I have to wonder if it can be triggered by noise.

He’s also had zero luck with conventional treatments. The valium works in a pinch, but his best result is from sweating. Thankfully, it’s summer in the Arizona desert. We have been gifted a sauna as well, and plan to use that on cold days.

Wish more was being done to figure this beast out. Just curious about everyone else’s experience.


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  1. jdellevsen says:

    Since sticking to a very low-sodium, low caffeine, no alcohol diet, I haven’t had a drop-attack or vertigo in six months. I have about 800mg of sodium a day. It’s boring but it’s worth it! The sensation of fullness in my right ear is absent most days.

    I find that exhaustion, stress, dehydration and delayed meals bring on symptoms, but the stricter I am with my sodium, the milder they are. I get the occasional wobble and rocking sensation, but not the violent spinning and vomiting.

    I don’t take diuretics or ‘sweat it out’ – quite the reverse. I find that if I don’t drink enough water, I start to retain fluid and my right ear goes beserk (feels full, makes crackling sounds, tinnitus gets worse). My ENT specialist recommends staying hydrated to flush sodium out instead of taking pills.

    I’ve cautiously been eating some chocolate and so far so good, but I won’t risk high-sodium food, alcohol or real coffee. I seem to manage decaff and tea.


    1. Natasha says:

      That’s really interesting info. He is doing a lot of that. We found a blog a year or so ago that recommended keeping your blood sugar steady. That seems to help loads. And in a way, he is flushing out his system when he sweats. Always putting back water and electrolytes after. He lost a little weight when we first went low sodium, but even more when we completely cut out preservatives and started eating super clean. Thanks again for your response. Always good to hear what is and isn’t working for others.


  2. jdellevsen says:

    I forgot to say I’ve only lost 3 kilos during the six months of strict sodium restriction; I expected a bigger reward. Guess I should be grateful not to be crashing to the ground and vomiting!


  3. Sabina says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s ménière. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. It seems difficult to manage.

    My husband doesn’t have it. He’s on a low sodium diet because he has high blood pressure and some kidney damage. He did lose a lot of weight shortly after he changed his diet but part of that was due to the fact that he was eating mostly at home, snacked very little, and hardly ever drank anymore. When we go out, he orders hearty salads with dressing on the side or fish. He doesn’t have to be super strict about his diet and he’s been eating out more and having more snacks and having more drinks so he’s gained some of the weight back in the past year.


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