The Spice of Life


Seriously, congrats! You make mastered the art of cooking everything low sodium when possible and you can feel your blood pressure drop just by looking at the beautiful food you have prepared. Good for you! One problem (and you’ll never admit this)- it’s lacking something. You know, that thing called flavor? As much as we would love for everything to taste delish without the salt, it can’t. Not completely. We get SUPER close, but still……

For someone with Ménière’s Disease, the They have to try and stick  to 1200 mg’s of sodium a day. That’s in one side dish usually. And salt subs and preservatives are indeed the devil, so that makes it extra fun. 

  This stuff. THIS IS THE STUFF. This is a game changer. The chili pepper sauce from Trader Joe’s is spicy, but it’s also kinda salty. I have added it to soup, bread, gravy….you name it. Best part? 0 sodium!! This whole thing is trial and error and I love when we find someth get like this. It feels like a tiny victory!!! Now go get some!


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